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In a strong market, if a home is priced right and shows well, it should sell within the first six weeks. If it doesn’t, many sellers become frustrated, especially if their agent begins pushing for a price reduction.

It’s a common rub: the seller thinks the agent just wants a quick sale, but the agent sincerely wants to help the seller get action. Agents understand that a listing loses momentum and excitement soon after being listed. Buyers will think of a home as stale, tired, or flawed if it sits on the market too long. Here are some ways to get more traction if your home is not generating offers.

Location, price and condition are key

You can’t change your home’s location, but you do have some control over the other two important buyer considerations. If the home is still sitting on the market after a few months, and especially if it has had no showings or offers, you need to look at the price and the condition.

You have two big choices to make if you are ready to sell. The first is to take the home off the market and make some changes, such as staging, de-cluttering, and altering the look of the kitchens and bathrooms.

If you are getting specific feedback about one part of the home, change it. A few months off the market will ensure that, when it comes back on, there will be a new set of buyers taking a look at your fresh listing.

If you are unwilling to make the needed changes to the home, the other option is to reduce the price. I recently visited with sellers who built a brand new beautiful home with excellent finishes and fixtures. But after four months, they only had two showings, and in a market where homes were selling with multiple offers within weeks.

The issue was the location. It was the absolute best home on a very tough block, and the setting was not private. In this case, the sellers had no choice. There was no moving or improving the house. The only option was to drop the price.

The sellers opted to take the home off the market and rent it because they were not ready to sell at the recommended price.

Make sure you and your agent are on the same page

If you and your agent don’t see eye-to-eye on the pricing or sales strategy prior to listing, it might be time to find another agent.

You want an agent who has your back and who is on the same page as you. Without that synergy, you could be in for unnecessary conflict six weeks in.

Discuss your intentions with your agent upfront, and listen to her feedback. A price reduction or low offer shouldn’t come as a surprise. But if the home isn’t selling, and the seller wants to see action, a good listing agent will ask for offers, follow up with interested parties, and let them know that the seller wants to sell. Reducing the listed price may not be necessary if there’s a buyer who understands that the seller will entertain an offer below the asking price.

You may have to see firsthand how the market works. If you list your home at a lower price than you’re comfortable with, you may be sorry if you get offers right away. But if you price it higher and don’t get any response after some time, then you will see the market speak for itself. I’d much rather have seller clients in the latter situation than the former.

Every scenario is different, and it’s so important to work with an agent who is in synch with your strategy and can help you adapt to your market.

Source : Zillow

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th-21If that is what you were already thinking, you are not alone. Leading UK property portal Rightmove has reported that the number of Brits looking to purchase property in Spain has increased by 48 per cent in the space of a year.

And according to foreign exchange specialists HIFX, the number of Brits interested in investing in property in the Eurozone as a whole has increased by 28 per cent over the past 12 months.

But as the UK general election draws closer, the pound could well weaken as markets react to the uncertainty caused by choosing – and installing – a new government. Hence, now might be the best time to act if you wish to make the most of the excellent exchange rates.

“A hung parliament (which is looking like a distinct possibility) will inevitably leave markets uncertain as to which political party will govern the country, and the pound is likely to weaken,” said HIFX’s Andy Scott.

So the time might well be perfect to snap up that Spanish property, particularly as data from the OECD suggests that Spanish property is currently valued ‘About Right’, according to latest analysis. But prices are expected to begin climbing steadily over the course of 2015, experts agree.

Data from Eurostat shows that average property values in Spain have climbed every quarter since the midway point of 2012 but, as a recent report revealed, Spain’s property market is very localised, meaning some regions are still seeing prices fall while others – like the Costa del Sol – have enjoyed a stable recovery in their property prices.

But if you still do not feel ready to purchase a property in Spain just yet, there is no harm in looking, right? The strong pound makes taking a holiday in Spain extremely affordable right now, and so it is expected that 2015 could be a bumper year for Spain’s tourism industry.

The European Tourism Association has suggested that holidays to Spain are around 15 per cent cheaper today than they would have been two years ago. Spain attracted more than 65 million foreign investors in 2014, but already leading travel agents are reporting higher demand for holidays in Spain so far in 2015 than they did last year.

Brits are Spain’s biggest fans. Last year British tourists spent €12 billion in Spain, helping the country’s tourism sector to drive 11 per cent of Spain’s GDP.

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3300743329_dbf4a2d5ea_oTHE Spanish economy grew at its fastest rate for seven years in the last quarter of 2014. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was up 0.7 per cent on the previous quarter and 2 per cent on the same period the previous year, according to the National Statistics Institute. That means the economy has seen six consecutive quarters of growth and is now forecast to outpace the Eurozone average over 2015. The figures are a boost to the country and beat the Bank of Spain’s estimates of 0.6 per cent and 1.9 per cent. It is thought that households in Spain are taking advantage of lower prices to give the economy a fillip, with department store sales growing 6.9 per cent over the festive season as prices were held down. In Spain prices fell 1.5 per cent in January year on year, the biggest fall since 1997. Analysts, though, have warned that Spain may face a deflationary trap with prices and wages being held down, so curtailing spending, but so far that has not happened. Across the Eurozone prices fell 0.6 per cent in January compared to a year previously, mainly because of lower oil prices.


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older_couple_beachTHE good news is that the pound in the tourist pocket – and the spending power of British pensioners living in Spain – has been boosted in recent days.

The European Central Bank’s decision to splash out €1.1 trillion on ‘quantitative easing’ to flood the money markets with cash has weakened the Euro, meaning more spending money for people with Sterling incomes living in Spain.

It is also good news for the tourism industry, worth around €60 billion a year to Spain. The country is starting to look even better value again after suffering from the effects of a weak pound for several years.

It should all be a timely boost for the country that is slowly emerging from recession. The average British pensioner should certainly be feeling the difference after all the gloom over the loss of winter fuel payments.

With the exchange rate at the time of writing at €1.336 to the pound (Thursday, January 29) compared to €1.245 last September there has been a significant rise in spending power.

But looking at the wider picture, the bad news is that Bank of England governor Mark Carney has warned that the Eurozone faces another ‘lost decade’ if significant structural changes in the area are not made.

Speaking in Dublin yesterday (Wednesday January 28) Carney said that the Eurozone should ease its austerity policies otherwise it could see another decade of low growth.

He said: “Since the financial crisis all major advanced economies have been in a debt trap where low growth deepens the burden of debt, prompting the private sector to cut spending further.

“Persistent economic weakness damages the extent to which economies can recover. Skills and capital atrophy. Workers become discouraged and leave the labour force. Prospects decline and the noose tightens.

“As difficult as it has been, some countries, including the US and the UK, are now escaping this trap. Others in the Euro area are sinking deeper.”

He went on to say: “Europe needs a comprehensive, coherent plan to anchor expectations, build confidence and escape its debt trap.”

So looking to the future are things looking good or is the gloom set to continue.

There is no doubt that the expat on the street with a UK income is better off. And the many owners of businesses that rely on British tourists, whether they be bars and restaurants or car hire companies or hotels, will be looking forward with optimism if the pound continues to grow stronger and hits predicted heights of €1.40.

Some money market insiders even foresee it topping €1.60 after the Greek election results brought in a left wing, anti-austerity party.

Or should everyone be sinking into a gloomy morass at the prospect of another lost decade?

What do you think? Are you feeling richer? Are you looking forward to the future with optimism? Or do you feel the long-term outlook is not too rosy and the hatches should remain firmly battened down?

Leave your comment below and let us know what you think…


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snow-house-6b06c2-900x350In addition to the health and safety dangers of sub-zero temperatures, blinding snowstorms and inconspicuous ice sheets, winter weather can also be incredibly dangerous to your home. Homeowners must consider a number of winter weather issues, including legal liabilities to watch out for and knowing whether your homeowners insurance policy has you covered.

Winter damage culprits

The two main causes of wintertime home damage are snow and ice. The weight of snow can collapse a roof or damage an automobile. And when snow inevitably melts, it can cause major flooding and problems with home septic systems.

The major problems with ice, from a homeowner’s legal perspective, include slip-and-falls and frozen pipelines. Ice accumulating on trees can also cause damage if a tree branch falls on your home — or even worse, your neighbor’s home.

What is generally covered

A homeowners insurance policy typically covers damage that results directly from winter weather events. Direct damage includes trees falling on homes, roof collapse due to snow accumulation, wind damage during a blizzard, displacement due to a major power outage, and frozen or burst pipes (subject to exception).

What is probably not covered: negligence

A curveball factor can affect the damage your insurance policy covers: homeowner negligence, which means neglecting the standard care that allows your home to withstand normal winter weather. This may include factors such as:

Pipes. If the insurance company believes that pipes broke because they were neglected — if the heat was off, or the pipes were not drained, for example — you may be denied coverage.
Trees. If a homeowner knew that a tree or its limbs were at risk of falling but took no steps to trim or remove them, the homeowner can be held liable if they do fall and cause damage.
Snow. If your home is damaged due to melting snow seeping through the roof, and the adjuster determines that the roof is in disrepair or is improperly installed, you will be footing the bill on your own.
Ice. Laws vary by location, but there may be rules regarding prompt snow and ice removal. In New York City, rental lease agreements generally stipulate that either the owner or the renter must clear sidewalks within four hours after snow stops falling.
Storms. Evidence that a homeowner could have done more to protect the property before or during a storm will be taken into consideration and could result in a denial of coverage.
What is definitely not covered: flood damage

The big issue to watch out for is flooding, which is not covered by a homeowners insurance policy. A major snowstorm followed by a warm snap often results in overworked drainage systems and flooding. If you live in a climate where this is likely to happen, flood insurance is a must.

Also within this category is the damage that can occur when an overburdened septic system backs up into your home, causing raw sewage to flow from the drains. A flood insurance policy will likely cover this scenario, whereas a general homeowners policy will not.

Good neighbors

One common question involves damage occurring to a home caused by a tree or flooding from a neighbor’s property. In those cases, the insurance company will first look into whether the neighbor was negligent or otherwise blamable in the event. If there’s no evidence of negligence, the owner of the damaged structure is then responsible for repair to that structure, but their policy will cover the damage.

However, if the neighbor is found to be blamable in the event, the case may result in a civil lawsuit if the parties can’t reach a workable solution. Consult with an attorney if you find yourself at such an impasse.

Making a claim

Insurance companies advise making a claim as soon as practically possible following a major weather event. This will allow the adjuster the best opportunity to assess the damage and make a factually solid determination of whether the issue is covered under the policy.

If your damage is minimal, you may want to consider forgoing a claim to your insurer since making multiple claims can raise your premiums. If it seems likely that your issue won’t cost much more than the deductible, it may be wise to cut your losses and complete the repairs without involving your insurance provider.Are you covered on insurance


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216477359_f400d62f99_m-4ce267Marriage has made salsa phenom Marc Anthony want to “Vivir Mi Vida” with two fewer mansions. The singer has listed two homes, one on each coast, since he wed Venezuelan model Shannon De Lima last November.

The most recent listing asks $12 million for a compound in Long Island’s exclusive Brookville area.

The centerpiece, as The New York Times first reported, is a sprawling 10-bedroom, 8-bath manor that includes five powder rooms, 8 fireplaces, a mahogany-paneled library and a large butler’s pantry. Amenities include a home theater, professional recording studio and an oversized master bathroom with its own fireplace.

For guests, there’s a 4,800-square-foot Colonial with 5 bedrooms and 4.5 baths that the Times said Anthony remodeled with an “all-white motif.”

The grounds also include an oversized pool, tennis court and carriage house. The listing agent for the home, which Anthony bought in 2000 and owned through his marriage to Jennifer Lopez, is Dolly Lenz of Dolly Lenz Real Estate. That’s just for starters. Eight days after his wedding, Anthony also listed a Spanish-style mansion in Southern California for $2.75 million. The 6-bedroom, 9-bath home in Encino, CA features a home theater, wine room, indoor/outdoor bars and a master bathroom with, you guessed it, its own fireplace.

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45-2The new devolopment offers a very rare and special opportunity to buy a great quality, brand new apartment within the fantastic La Cala Resort, at Mijas Costa.

This new development’s first phase consists of just 27 apartments with allocated underground car parking and storerooms. There will be a total of 9 ground floor apartments, 9 first floor apartments and 9 penthouses with private roof terraces. 7 units have been sold already!

All apartments will have large terraces, golf and sea views, a southerly orientation and the development will have attractive communal gardens and two swimming pools when completed.

Specifications include fully fitted kitchens, air conditioning and heat pump, wide floor to ceiling sliding terrace doors, built-in wardrobes in both bedrooms and all properties will be built to the latest European technical code.

Prices start from 245,000€ for a two-bed, two-bath apartment and 275,000€ for a three-bed, two-bath apartment. All prices are subject to 10%

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river-view-a3cd59UPDATE: After years on the market, multiple brokers and an overall price drop of $2.7 million, Ol’ Blue Eyes’ former penthouse is finally under contract, as first reported by the New York Post. People close to the deal say it’s going for its current asking price of $4.995 million. The new listing agent, Suzanne Miller at Empire State Properties, had two offers in less than 30 days.

ORIGINAL POST 6/10/14: When Frank Sinatra partied in this “glittering grotto in the sky,” there was no glass staircase modeled after the Apple store. No iPads in the wall, either.

The crooner’s former penthouse on a secluded cul-de-sac in Manhattan has been completely redone, but it still has the private location Sinatra loved at The Edgewater, a white-glove building overlooking the river.

According to listing agent Jacky Teplitzky of Douglas Elliman, the remodeled Rat Pack hangout at 530 East 72nd Street in Lenox Hill was a party destination for Mia Farrow, President Kennedy and Sammy Davis, Jr. in the 1960s. (The latter reportedly threw champagne glasses off the balcony.)

“He didn’t choose the typical 5th Avenue, Park Avenue, Central Park West, you know, glitzy environment,” Teplitzky said. “He wanted to be more secluded.”

The 3,200-square-foot residence has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, floor-to-ceiling windows and two wraparound terraces. The master suite upstairs includes a wet bar, and the master bedroom is elevated. Andy Warhol nicknamed the home the “glittering grotto.”

The current owner bought it in 2008 and remodeled the inside. She never lived there, Teplitzky said, having decided that she liked another apartment better. The unit has been slow to sell. It was originally listed for $7.7 million. Teplitzky is the second agent to try to sell it, and after four months she said she has some serious interest. She dropped the price in March from $5.595 million to the current price of $4.995 million.

The interior is like a piece of art, Teplitzky said, and the home has a unique location and history. But perhaps the best thing about it, for a New Yorker? The cul-de-sac location means you can almost always get a taxi.


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Tyra-Banks-Creative-Commons-c61100Supermodel and “America’s Next Top Model” host and executive producer Tyra Banks is asking $3.795 million for the Manhattan apartment she’s owned for a decade. Banks’ Soho apartment measures 2,063 square feet and has 2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and a study. Large picture windows in the living and dining rooms look out on the midtown skyline. Its master suite includes the customized walk-in closets you’d expect of someone who was once one of the world’s top-paid models. The apartment has high ceilings, Brazilian mahogany wood floors and window seats in living room, dining room and master bedroom. Built in 1924, the Beaux Arts building designed by architect Cass Gilbert has a full-time doorman and a roof deck. Banks paid $2.1 million for the apartment in 2005.


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Tracey-Ullman-IMDb-4845d1UPDATE: Tracey Ullman has sold her Los Angeles home for $3.2 million. The actress is part of the star-studded cast of Disney’s “Into the Woods,” which is currently in theaters.

ORIGINAL POST 12/1/14: The NY Daily News said it all when they wrote “the acclaimed British comedian will be everywhere this season.” Tracey Ullman is currently playing a songwriter in the musical “The Band Wagon,” and she’ll be on the big screen Christmas Day with the premiere of “Into the Woods.”

The actress is also making an appearance on the real estate stage, listing her Brentwood home for $3.499 million.

The 3-bedroom residence at 1200 N Tigertail Rd has been home to the star since February 2013, when she bought it for $2.566 million with late husband Allan McKeown. The producer passed away from prostate cancer last December.

According to Variety, the home has a star-studded past with previous owners including former Ronald Reagan Chief of Staff Fred Ryan, Jr., Oval Office decorator Michael Smith and movie industry exec Jeff Robinov.

Perched on a hill above Sunset Blvd, the 1963-built home is a striking post-and-beam construction with glass walls bringing the outdoors in. Smith, an interior designer for celebrities, reportedly added his own touches when he owned the place. The interior is contemporary with sleek finishes and warm wood throughout.

A large patio features a sparkling infinity pool with canyon views. Scott Segall of Douglas Elliman Real Estate holds the listing.